Social Work in Pushkar, India

Changing Lives!

We provide education, medical, and art programs to families in tent camps in the beautiful desert city of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India. These communities have low income and literacy rates and no electricity or plumbing, and they face complex problems with housing, education, and health.

What We Do

+   Provide free education, medical care and food for 35 students in our school
+   Take people to doctors and hospitals and pay for their care
+   Provide art supplies to families in tent camps and help archive and share artworks
+   Facilitate and pay for surgeries, and help with post-operative care
+   Provide on-site treatment in the camps for burns, wounds, and eye/ear/skin infections
+   Assist children and adults with disabilities with medical care and education
+   Provide free food staples to needy families
+   Help with rabies treatments for people bitten by dogs
+   Care for malnourished children
+   Work to stop the use of tobacco by children
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Contact & Support

Contact us with questions and ideas for collaboration. We work hard under difficult conditions and we do a lot with a little. You can support our work with a donation, by holding a fundraiser, and by sharing this website and our Facebook page. Thanks for your interest and support!